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Please contact Monroe County legislators and the County Executive BEFORE 6/25/18 and urge them to approve the Tobacco 21 bill, which would raise the legal purchase age of all tobacco-related products (including e-cigs and e-liquid) from 18 to 21. The bill must be approved by the Agenda/Charter Committee in order to move to a full vote. We need to convince all legislators, but the most urgent include Republicans on the Agenda/Charter Committee (who have not yet committed to vote yes), the Majority Leader, and Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo (who has veto power). Please contact as many of them as you are willing, and share this request with fellow Monroe County citizens.

Agenda/Charter Committee

  • Kathy Taylor (R) (Committee Chair)  Phone: (w) 585 753-1922; (h) 585 227-8465
  • Tanya Conley (R) (Vice Chair)  Phone: (w) 585 753-1922; (c) 585 750-7581
  • Sean Delehanty (R)  Phone: (w) 585 753-1922; (h) 585 377-0149
  • Mark Muoio (D)  Phone: (w) 585 753-1940
  • Justin Wilcox (D)  Phone: (w) 585 753-1940; (h) 585 473-6631


  • Cheryl Dinolfo, Monroe County Executive  Phone: 585 753-1000
  • Dr. Joseph Carbone, President of the Legislature (R)  Phone: (w) 585-753-1922 (b) 585-544-3620
  • Brian Marianetti, Majority Leader (R)  Phone: (w) 585 753-1922; (h) 585 861-8977

Webster Legislators

  • Matthew Terp (R)  Phone: 585 415-5394
  • George Hebert (R)  Phone: (w) 585 753-1922; (c) 585 315-2237


Talking points you may consider:

“I am calling/writing/emailing to urge you to pass the Tobacco 21 bill…”

  • 75% of New Yorkers favor raising the minimum legal age to 21, including 7 in 10 smokers. This is an opportunity to pass a law that prevents early substance abuse!

  • 69% of the NYS population already reside in regions that have implemented T21, including 13 other counties and New York City. Do not wait for New York State to take action!

  • Evidence shows that nearly everyone who buys cigarettes for minors in the United States is under 21 years of age. Raising the sale age will make it much harder for high school students to obtain tobacco products, including E-cigs. This law will have a immediate, positive impact on the health of teens and young people!

Find additional facts about nicotine/tobacco use and T21 here.