The increasing popularity of e-cigarettes among teens is a public health risk that must be addressed. Let's join the 19 localities in New York State that have already raised the purchase age of nicotine products to age 21.  The Monroe County Legislature's Agenda/Charter Committee must approve the proposed Tobacco 21 bill on June 25th in order for the full legislature to vote on it.

Please contact legislators today and urge them to support the Tobacco 21 bill.  Click here for contact information.

Working locally, we can protect our kids and our communities, while encouraging the state to do the same. Here’s why we can’t wait for New York State to act:

  • Tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the United States.
  • Over 6,900 New York adolescents will become new daily smokers this year. source
  • Despite the US Surgeon General’s warning that nicotine causes neurological damage in young adults and primes youth for future addiction source , teens are quickly embracing new vaping devices like Juuls and JuNos that are easy to use and conceal, and which contain unregulated nicotine levels.
  • Youth e-cigarette use is strongly associated with subsequent use of combustible tobacco products. source

The health and economic costs of allowing another generation to become nicotine-addicted are intolerable and inexcusable.  We're asking legislators to take immediate action to raise the minimum legal sales age for tobacco and all nicotine-based (either natural or synthetic nicotine) products to age 21.

The national Tobacco 21 campaign shares:

"Thirty years ago an RJ Reynolds company executive wrote: “If a man has never smoked by age 18, the odds are three-to-one he never will.  By age 24 the odds are twenty-to-one.”  We now better understand the brain chemistry behind that truth, and why the bio mechanics of smoking make it so powerful."

Let's make a difference right here in Monroe County.  Call or email legislators today and link your friends to this page so they can take action too.